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Joseph james
It’s good
I ordered food from your place Friday for dinner for my wife and me for delivery.The food that we ordered was the same as everytime that we do order. This time the food tasted weird and it ended up giving us both food poisoning. I threw more than half of mine in the trash. I've been throwing up and haven't been able to eat anything since Friday and my wife has been throwing up and having diarrhea with bright red blood in it. I called your store today to tell whomever answered the phone to inform them to check the food so nobody else gets sick. The lady told me that everything is always fresh. Well if it's fresh it wouldn't cause food poisoning. We order from your place at least 3 times a month. But,we are no longer going to be ordering anything from your establishment. And if my wife has to go to the hospital,I will be calling the proper people to make a complaint about your food quality. We used to enjoy your food. But,not anymore.